Koncz Zsuzsa - Szerelem LP 1970

Here's the new post: the 2nd Zsuzsa Koncz LP from 1970, called: Love She was the typical beat girl in the 60s Hungary, because she always performed on the Top Song Festivals , first in 1962.
During the 60s Koncz always performed with the famous Budapest beat bands, mainly with Omega, Metró, Illés . 
Her first song called: Rohan az idő (Time is running) from the early 60s, the lyrics, and the music written by the Illés band. She sang 2 pop songs on the one of the first Illés EP in 1964 : Little Richard/Chapel of Love . Her first LP released in 1969, called "Volt egyszer egy lány" (There once was a girl), but it was not the too successful LP, because of the songs: former EP or 7" songs, like in the compilation album. But the second LP became a very successful. Every songs and lyrics written by Szörényi - Bródy twin from the Illés band.
About the LP: Some songs there are a bit critical lyrics, and some songs just a simple love melodies. I don't like too much these songs, but look at the cover! I uploaded the back cover, with the sexy young Koncz. Look at this picture! It's a typical 60s sexual revolution picture against the old farts. If i was the young in the 60s, i hope i was in love to Koncz... :-)


01. Valaki kell, hogy szeressen ( I need someone that love)
02. Korai még ( Still early)
03. Te voltál ( You were)
04. Elszállt a nyár ( Summer was ended)
05. Én nem tudtam azt kérem ( I didn't know it, please)
06. Miért hagytuk, hogy így legyen ( Why did you let it be)
07. Barbara
08. André Je t'aime
09. Nem vagyunk egyformák ( We are not the same)
10. Visz a vonat ( The train take me)
11. Amikor (When...)
12. Éjféli esküvő ( Midnight married)



Atlantis-Henry VIII. / Michelle 7" 1966

Here's the one of the Atlantis 7" from 1966, with two english cover songs. The first song called : Henry VIII. from Hermanns Hermit. Very fast song, and cool, but the english chorus is funny. I very love this cover version! The second songs is the Beatles cover Michelle. The original song released in 1965 on Rubber Soul LP. Cool and sometimes funny. The singer, Béla Némenyi tried to sing in English and in French, but the original version is longer, than the cover song.
Great and forgotten record, enjoy!


01. Henry VIII.
02. Michelle



Illés-Nehéz az út LP 1968

1968 was the year of the New Economic Mechanism in Hungary, and the State Record Company (MHV) took up some Budapest beat bands which can released their first LPs in Hungarian language. These bands were : Omega, Metro, Illés. These bands were the "Holy beat trinity" in the late 60s. Omega wanted to became the "hungarian Rolling Stones", the Metro didn't want to became... they played their own shitty pop, and Illés became THE "hungarian Beatles". And the lyrics composers Szörényi-Bródy became the Hungarian Lennon-McCartney.I don't like too much these bands too much, but i accept that the Illés's first LP is the one of the important Hungarian record.  Look at the LP and the songs!
The front made in the fashionable psychedelic style. The band members sitting on the old tractor, over them the LP title with really cool 60s style: NEHÉZ AZ ÚT (The road is difficult), and you can read some strange subtitle on the tracktor wheels: EX MUSIC - ILLÉS STORY.
About the songs: the LP there are 12 songs, and the songs included rock and roll, folk, pop, and beat. Every songs is the protest songs stand by the youths, just you have to read the song titles : Óh, mondd (Oh, say) , Amikor én még kissrác voltam (When i was the kid) , Sárga rózsa (Yellow rose), Ne gondold ( Don't thinking),  Az ész a fontos nem a haj (The brain is the importat, not the hair).
Look at the lyrics!

01. Óh Mondd (Oh, Say) : It's a hint allusion to the 60s sexual revolution : "Who say  you that wait me? / Who say  you that wait me? Oh, Say! Oh, Say! Why I am? Why I am?" or " Don't wait anymore, come to me!/ Don't wait , just come, just come!/ Call if you come! No! Just come! " Good song, the music is a fast beat, i very like it!

02. Nehéz az út (The Road Is Difficult): Typical stuffing song, with avarege lyrics.

03. Amikor én még kissrác voltam (When I Was The Kid) : It's a song about the 60s generation, about the life: the boy still young, he look up to the adults, he grow up, full of hope, in the hope that the life is good and the world is changeable,but he disappointed in EVERYthing. "Then i looked up to the adults/ I thought it will be good if i grow up." Sad.
04. Sárga Rózsa (Yellow Rose) : Song about the dead relationship: the rose similar to the love. The rose is dry, the love is over. The band playing a cool folk style. "My friend do you know / why don't dare nobody admit/that the things which we believe in/ passed and never come back/" Sad, but true.
05. Átkozott féltékenység (Damned Jealousy): Folk song about the love and the jealousy. The singer singing about the typical love story: the guy love the girl, but the girl love the another guy. One way love. "Damned ideas/Why attack to me?/I wish i have a ice-heart/ I don't be unprotected/" or "I can't stand calm down/I don't be believe to the girl/"
06. Little Richard : Fast rock and roll about Little Richard, the band singing that they respect Little Richard's rock and roll.

07.Eltávozott a nap ( The sun is go down): Hint allusion about the sexual revolution again. The music is a bit psychedelic, like the Beatles-Sgt. Pepper. " Don't wait that the sun is go down/ Looking for the another now!/ At night, if no light and the wind is blowing/ She lie down next to you, and want you now/  Why i need the love?/ Because nothing to help me/ Why i need a love? /Because it's so easy!"
08. Nézz rám (Look at me) : Beatles cover song, typical love song for the girls. The singer singing about the clumsy girl, and later the girl believe that the man will cheat her. " You thinking I am the faithless/ I know why thinking it/ Because you believe everything/ Anything they say"

09. Ne gondold (Don't thinking): The real rebel beatnik song AGAINST the fuckin' olds and petty bourgeoises. It was the hit song in Hungary in the late 60s, the song lyrics show the 60s youths life-feelings.
" Don't thinking , oh, no, that the world is yours/ The luck won't beg for you/And now the word is yours/ But don't believe it's stay eternal/ I say, get out from here"

10. Szerelem (Love) : Psychedelic & folk song about the love. Typical topic: "I never leave you- Just call me" . 

11. Az ész a fontos nem a haj (The brain is important not the hair): Protest song stand by the long hair. The music is not beat, it's a chanson. But the lyrics is good, it was the rebel song in the 60s Hungary. Why? Because the long hair was the forbidden thing behind the Iron Curtain 'till the early 70s It was the big social problem in the 60s Hungary, because every youths (the boys) grew the long hair, like the Beatles or the western beat bands. Lot of people hated the long hair kids (mainly the police), "Long hair-little brain" - was the fashionable sleng in 60s Hungary.
12. Mondd, hogy nem hiszed el (Please say, that you not believe it) : Love song with psychedelic music.

So, it's great beat LP, enjoy! About the lyrics: between the songs, you can listening some running commentary from the fashionable Hungarian radio DJ, "Cintula", who speaking with the band members, or just joking.



Omega-Omega Red Star LP 1968

Now, here's the first Hungarian beat LP what released in 1968, but not in Hungary, but in the UK. It was the funny story: when the Spencer Davis Group played in Hungary, the band manager discovered the Omega , and invited the band to the UK. The band went to London in 1968, and played lot of beat clubs, like in Marquee, Speakeasy, and the band performed in BBC Late night show. In the UK, the Omega (later about the band history) recorded some songs in english in DECCA studio, these songs were the Omega Red Star From Hungary LP. 
After the recordings, the band had to go back to Hungary, so they couldn't became the "Red Stars" on the another side of the Iron Curtain, but.... At that time, the State Record Company (MHV) didn't want to released real Hungarian beat LP with Hungarian lyrics and songs, because they thought: the beat just the idiotic western fashion, which have no future in Hungary... Therefore the MHV allowed just EPs and 7"s with english cover songs. So when the Decca released the english Omega LP, MHV bureaucracy was frightened! The imperialists release one of hungarian beat LP faster than us? So when the band came back to Budapest, they got a straight way to the MHV studo, that they recording their english LP with Hungarian lyrics. But it will be the another upload...
What my opinion about this LP? Omega is not my favorite band, and i think, their early beat period was absolutely shit, but i don't know... they played in lot of actually music styles from the 60s to the 80s. (e.g. their new wave/synth (!!!) period was cool). But this LP is not so good, these early songs are better in english lyrics than in hungarian, i think. The music is cool, some songs are heavy, and similar to the early progressive rock. Interest: the original singer, János Kóbor didn't sing in this LP, because he had to stay in Hungary, so the insted of his, singing the bass guitarist (Tamas Mihály), the organist (Laszló Benkő), and the composer ( Gábor Presser). 
This record is very rare in LP format, but the Universal released in CD it, in 2007.


01. Wake Up!
02. Mamma Said
03. If I Were The Wind
04. Rose Trees
05. Tomorrow
06. There is Nothing I Can Do
07. Once I Knew A Girl
08. Clown
09. Hungarian Folk Song
10. Trumpeter Charlie
11. Dead are the Flowers


Atlantis-Wolly Bully EP 1966

Here's the next Atlantis EP from 1966. Not too good EP, every songs just boring, i think, it was their worst EP what they released.
About the songs:
The 1st song called "Woolly Bully", it's the Sam the Sham and the Pharaoes cover. The original song released in 1965, and this song was the totally world hit in the mid '60s. After this song you can listening a cool self-made instrumental, called "Don Quijote". Nice, Shadows cover guitar sound, it's okay.
The 3rd  song called "Hold Me". Not a beat song, it's a very famous love song from 1933, from David Oppenheimer and Little Jack. When i bought this EP, i very liked this song, but nowadays i hate it. It's too pop for me.
The 4th song is also the self-made instrumental, called "Szöcske" (meaning : Grasshopper ). Charming song, like the cartoon soundtrack.

01. Wolly Bully

02. Don Quijote
03. Hold Me
04. Szöcske


Pannónia - Diótörő / Sose halok meg 7" 1967

Pannónia was the Béla Radics's short-lived beat band after the Atlantis. Here's their only SP from 1967. Pannónia was the interesting band... they were the beat band, but they were more commercial like the Atlantis. But who cares? It's a very cool record! Look at the songs!
The 1st song called Diótörő, it's a very nice Tchaikovsky cover with Radics's  guitar solos. Huh! Fast and dance directing. Listening the nice and cool Radics guitar riffs!
The 2nd song called Sose halok meg ( meaning: I never die). It's a typical song from '67. The protest song against the Vietnam war. The lyrics: " There are still places on earth/Unfortunately, today, there are also/Where is weapons and raging/The battle is fierce/ There is a boy in the jungle/ Thousand deaths lie for him/ And he sarcastically says: / I was born something else! " The music is so fast, and the main instrument the organ and the guitar.
So nice! I very love this song! Enjoy!

Here's the rare picture about the band:


01. Diótörő
02. Sose halok meg



Atlantis - Do You Want To Dance EP 1966

Here's my new upload, the third Atlantis EP from 1966. Interesting , that the band recorded the Beach Boys and Dave Clark Five songs, not from the Beatles. Maybe the Beatles was too heavy for this guys with the Revolver LP in 1966? I don't know. But this EP is my favorite Atlantis records next to their first EP.
Look at the songs!
The first song is the popular Do You Want To Dance, originally released by Beach Boys on Today! LP in 1966, but the cover version is better than the original. Atlantis had a talented artist, who could imitate the western songs faster and better! Listen the original Beach Boys song: the original is slowly, and than listen the Atlantis cover: Béla Radics's guitar solo is fucking cool! Yeah!
The 2nd song is called Little Honda from the Beach Boys again.I don't know exactly... i like the original and the cover version too. The original song released on All Summer Long LP in 1964. The cover song is very simple: no back vocals, and no singing "Faster faster/Harder harder!" in the song. Cool song!
The 3rd song called Bits and Pieces from Dave Clark Five. It was the fashionable hit of 1964. The cover version is harder and faster than the original: DC 5 (aka Dave Clark Five) never was the beatnik band...
And the last song! It was the one of the first Hungarian language beat song, called:  " Miért vagy szemtelen?  " ( meaning: Why are you insolent?) Silly title, and funny lyrics with fast music. The singer singing about the guy who try to nerving the singer , and the singer try to make a self-control against it. Simple lyrics.
I very love this song!


01. Do You Want To Dance?
02. Little Honda
03. Bits and Pieces
04. Miért vagy szemtelen?

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?mgaeb2qkqkpzltc