Koncz Zsuzsa - Szerelem LP 1970

Here's the new post: the 2nd Zsuzsa Koncz LP from 1970, called: Love She was the typical beat girl in the 60s Hungary, because she always performed on the Top Song Festivals , first in 1962.
During the 60s Koncz always performed with the famous Budapest beat bands, mainly with Omega, Metró, Illés . 
Her first song called: Rohan az idő (Time is running) from the early 60s, the lyrics, and the music written by the Illés band. She sang 2 pop songs on the one of the first Illés EP in 1964 : Little Richard/Chapel of Love . Her first LP released in 1969, called "Volt egyszer egy lány" (There once was a girl), but it was not the too successful LP, because of the songs: former EP or 7" songs, like in the compilation album. But the second LP became a very successful. Every songs and lyrics written by Szörényi - Bródy twin from the Illés band.
About the LP: Some songs there are a bit critical lyrics, and some songs just a simple love melodies. I don't like too much these songs, but look at the cover! I uploaded the back cover, with the sexy young Koncz. Look at this picture! It's a typical 60s sexual revolution picture against the old farts. If i was the young in the 60s, i hope i was in love to Koncz... :-)


01. Valaki kell, hogy szeressen ( I need someone that love)
02. Korai még ( Still early)
03. Te voltál ( You were)
04. Elszállt a nyár ( Summer was ended)
05. Én nem tudtam azt kérem ( I didn't know it, please)
06. Miért hagytuk, hogy így legyen ( Why did you let it be)
07. Barbara
08. André Je t'aime
09. Nem vagyunk egyformák ( We are not the same)
10. Visz a vonat ( The train take me)
11. Amikor (When...)
12. Éjféli esküvő ( Midnight married)


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